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Since I published the blog in 2009, I've gradually added to the library of images covering the Highland Division's time in Bedford. Here's just a small selection which I share for your interest and enjoyment. Unless otherwise credited the photos form part of my small collection.

1/4th Seaforth Highlanders at rest on Bedford Grammar School fields, shortly after arriving in Bedford, summer 1914. The School served as Battalion HQ and the grounds were used for training, Church Parades and events such as the Divisional Highland Games held on Easter Monday 1915. In the background is the School chapel.
Seaforth recruits in Bedford Park, late summer 1914

1/7th AandSH group Bushmead Avenue, Bedford. August 1914

1/4th Camerons in Bedford High Street - Summer 1914

'August 1914' - a contemporary painting by Miss Turing of Bedford High School showing men of the 1/4th Cameron Highlanders. The School was Battalion HQ for the 1/4th Camerons

Seaforth field kitchen, Bedford Park

No. 3 Section, C Coy, 1/9th AandSH outside 23 Goldington Avenue, Bedford. Nov 1914.

1/6th Seaforth and a local outside billets in Bedford (photo courtesy of Mr. George Russell)
Either 1/4th, or 1/6th Seaforth Highlanders in a furnished billet in Bedford. The man standing over the basin is a piper and his pipes lie on the couch which the other man is sitting on.
House proud Seaforth Highlanders, sweeping out their Bedford billet

1/5th Seaforth in Stanley Street, Bedford. Colonel and Adjutant on horseback

1/5th Seaforth men outside billets in Garfield Street, Bedford. The man in cart is believed to be Henry MacKay MacLennan. Some of the men wear khaki canvas covers over their Glengarries. The covers are sometimes referred to as 'Ghillie Hats', given that their shape was supposedly inspired by the headwear favoured by Scottish gamekeepers. These covers were issued to the 1/5th and 1/6th Seaforth shortly before the Highland Division left Bedford.

1/5th Seaforth in Gladstone Street, Bedford. The 'Prime Ministers' area of town (also known as Black Tom) was the 1/5th Seaforth's domain. (photo courtesy of Mr. Robin Reid)

Men from the Knockando section of the 1/6th Seaforth in Bedford, wearing the khaki canvas Glengarry covers
1/6th Seaforth men outside billets in St Michaels Road, Bedford

1/5th Gordon Highlanders by C.A.Solomons, Bedford

Seaforth Highlander and his lady by Kingham's Studio, Bedford

AandSH portrait by J T Welch, Bedford

Private N. Caldwell, 1/6th AandSH, Bedford

Sgt McKay, A Company 1/5th Seaforth and colleagues by D. Lindley, Bedford

Men of either the 1/6th or 1/7th Black Watch, Coventry Road, Bedford c.April 1915

1/4th Cameron Highlanders shortly before leaving Bedford for France in Feb 1915

1/6th AandSH leaving Bedford for France, 1st May 1915. Passing the Boer War Memorial in front of the Swan Hotel

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